24h support

24 hour hotline – 365 days a year

It’s not your primary business day by day meeting new problems in the computer world?

It is ours.

We are here for you – no matter what the problem.

We are happy to secure this with a maintenance contract to suit your needs. You pay only for services you really need.

We naturally offer a 24 hour hotline, 365 days a year.

Sometimes telephone assistance of a technician is enough to defuse or resolve your situation.

We also use the possibilities of remote software and connect to your systems. Thus we see that, whatever you see.

Our 24 hour IT support can be reached at 0900-1800442*

Should solution be possible this way, then our technical services will come to you and usually be within 4 hours on the spot (Rhein-Main area).

As a premium customer (maintenance contract completion required) you will receive a normal landline phone number through which you can contact our support.

We are happy to take over the operation and maintenance of your entire infrastructure and terminals.

*(1,99€/min from German landline, mobile different)