Fiber optics

Giga speed for your network

We offer professional services and products in the fiber optic area for operators of public and private communications networks.


  • Laying and blowing in of fiber optics – cables for indoor and outdoor
  • Cable assembly (splice, sleeves and distribution)
  • OTDR, attenuation, PMD measurements, and measuring the chromatic dispersion of new and existing cable systems
  • Connector assembly on site and assembly of plastic fibers POF/PCF
  • Supply and laying of pre-made fiber systems (Breakout)
  • Troubleshooting and repair, and documentation of test results with accepted software solutions


  • High transfer rates (Gigabit to Terabit range)
  • Very long ranges due to low attenuation
  • No cross talk (unwanted Signal interference from neighbouring fibers)
  • No influence of external electric or electromagnetic interference
  • There is no grounding needed
  • A deploy ability in explosive environment (no arcing) is possible
  • Much lighter than copper cable
  • Less space and lower cost than comparable copper cable
  • No fire triggered by parasitic electrical currents (e.g. lightning, short circuit) is possible
  • Lower fire load, compared to copper cables with smaller demand for insulation and reduced heat generation
  • High quality reproduction